Art Meakin

  • Advisor, Confidant, Auditor
  • MLM Advocate & Critic
  • Business and Systems Analyst
  • Business-Marketing-IT Consultant
  • Programmer - Systems Engineer
  • Compensation Plans
  • Webmaster - Developer
  • Since 1975 - President/CEO
    Art Meakin & Associates
  • 45+ years MLM Multi-Level
    Network Marketing field/corp
    experience (
    full-time since 1988)
  • Direct Marketing (online/offline)
  • Internet Marketing
  • Advertising - Traditional/Cooperative
  • Lead/Traffic Generation
  • Speaker, Educator, Trainer
  • Writer, Author
  • Strategic Thinking/Planning/Alliances
  • Exec V.P. for non-MLM company
  • V.P. IT/Business Development (Corp)
    for three networking co.'s
  • 4,000+ personally sponsored
  • 100,000+ in downline organizations
  • #1 Rep in four networking co.'s
  • MLM Company Owner

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  • new book (unlike any other of its kind)
  • 20+ years of writing
  • 40+ years of MLM experience/research
  • dozens of real-life stories and examples
  • pros and cons… ups and downs
  • the good, the bad, the ugly
  • compensation plans
  • why 97-99% fail
  • why 1-3% succeed
  • myths or untruth’s (like the Failure Myth)
  • history of MLM Network Marketing
  • articles, special reports, lessons
  • marketing concepts and strategies
  • do’s and do not’s
  • dangers and legal issues
  • internal and external politics
  • realistic business planning
  • doing proper due-diligence
  • lead generation and cooperative advertising
  • mail-order marketing, Internet marketing
  • My original Introductory Newsletter… The Shocking Truth About™ MLM Network Marketing (published originally in 1987 – millions have been mailed, emailed, downloaded)
  • Find out why I love (and hate) MLM Multi-Level Network Marketing


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